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Multipoint locks

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

This time of year i tend to get alot of jobs with failed mpl’s (multipoint locks), as i explained in my other post ‘winter tips’ the cold weather brings with it alot of movement to your pvc doors. They tend to be a pain to lift the handle up into the locking position, seem ‘notchy’ and stiff, all this is doing is putting strain on the mpl’s gearboxes within the door.

I’ve just returned from carrying out locksmith work in sheffield and saved the customer from buying two new doors! Both doors had problems locking, with one door not operataing at all! All that was required was a new multipoint lock fitting to the defective door and the other one just required a quick service, this included removing the mpl and giving it a good clean and grease up, then refitting and adjusting.

Customer happy, both doors working as they should (nice, smooth operation), and a lot less cost than buying two new doors.

I stock the Yale doormaster mpl, it’s a three hook secured by design product and enables me to fit or replace 99% of all mpl’s to most doors.

If your having problems locking your door get it serviced straight away! this I can do for just £50, if you don't it will end up costing you alot more if the mpl (multi point lock) fails and requires replacing.

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Door with Multi Point Lock with faulty mech

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