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Anti Snap locks & Snap safe locks

Lock snapping is on the increase!

99% of call out jobs for me over the past few months where the thieves have targeted properties have gained entry by ‘lock snapping’.

The latest one was a detached property with the owner’s being away on their holidays , the burglars had snapped the lock to the rear garage door, this led them to a solid door inside the garage with a mortice sash lock fitted, this obviously was to much like hard work for them as they then went back outside to snap the lock to the conservatory door! Snapping the lock doesn’t make much noise, so is the preferred method of entry.

They then proceeded to shatter the inside sliding patio door glass to gain entry to the lounge, they obviously closed the outer conservatory door so as not to alert the neighbours with the noise of breaking the glass!

In my experience fitting anti snap locks would of sent them on their way to somewhere else, nothing is going to stop thieves but a deterrent is all you need for them to give up and move on to a weaker property.

There are quite a few different anti snap locks on the market, i only fit snap safe locks from Ultion that are Sold Secure Diamond standard SS312- secured by design and TS007 rated. Don’t be fooled by the cheaper versions, they don’t work and thieves have learnt how to snap them as easily as the standard locks!

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